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Don't miss this year's Baconfest, serving up tastings of all things bacon!
23 Mar 2017
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Don't miss this year's Baconfest, serving up tastings of all things bacon!

Who doesn't love bacon?  Taking its perfectly fried texture and salty taste, there's nothing not to love!  Especially when we consider all the great pairings we find bacon in— cover it in chocolate, put on top of your baked potato, or be a purist and have it with your eggs.  There's no bad way of having it!  And if you're looking to indulge your bacon loving self there's no better opportunity than Baconfest!  Here you'll find some of the best chefs, cooking at the best restaurants all serving up a signature dish featuring their own unique handling of bacon!


March 31st and April 1st marks this two day bacon tasting with tickets available for three separate tastings.  Friday sees a dinner tasting from 7-10 for general admission, and Saturday sees the same dinner tasting plus a lunch tasting from noon to 3.  Plus each tasting has its very own special VIP tasting an hour before the event opens to the public— no lines, no crowds, and no wait!  Each ticket comes with unlimited tastings from more than 50 chefs plus seven drink tickets— of which are redeemable for beer, wine, and cocktails from the event's partners. 


While this year's menu hasn't been released yet, but judging by last year's menu there is sure to be plenty for every palate!  Last year saw favorite restaurants such as Cantina 1901, Kuma's Corner, and 312 Chicago serving up bacon concha, buttermilk bacon biscuit, bacon meatballs with provolone!  You won't want to miss this event and while your taste buds are tantalizing over the coming week, be sure to check out Bacon's Nation manifesto!