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Explore the interior of Chicago's elegant buildings w/ Open House Chicago!
04 Oct 2016
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Holiday Inn Chicago Mart Plaza

Explore the interior of Chicago's elegant buildings w/ Open House Chicago!

We've all been there, you're walking down the street on your way to your destination and suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, you're in awe of the architecture of a building.  While admiring it's exterior facade is an enjoyable experience in its own regard, sometimes I want more.  I want to know what the interior space looks like.  I want to know how the space moves, its embellishments, usage of light- both natural and artificial, amongst the very experience of immersing myself within its space.  Well get ready because from October 15-16 Open House Chicago invites you inside of some of the most visually striking buildings in Chicago. 


The Chicago Architecture Foundation, the organizers of this event, succinctly summarizes Open House Chicago in just a few words: 200 places, 48 hours, go, it's free.  included on the list of over 200 sites are sublime skyscrapers, mansions, theaters, exclusive private clubs, office spaces, and profound sacred spaces.  Best of all, some of the most stunning spaces are right near your stay! 


Maybe at the top of the list of these architectural wonders is City Hall.  Roughly a 10 minute walk from your stay, here you can explore this gorgeous building crafted in a Neo-Classical  design.  Seeing the building from the street one is immediately struck by the 94-foot columns.  Inside marble emblazons the wall which is punctuated with beautiful light fixtures.  Lyric Opera of Chicago (aka Civic Opera House) has seen some magnificent and beautiful musical performances.  And the interior takes cues from it's musical heritage.  Art Deco and Art Nouveau stylings makes the largest stage in downtown Chicago truly shine.  Looking to learn a little bit about sustainable design?  DIRTT Environmental Solutions offers not only educational opportunities a la its staff but also grand views of The Chicago River.