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Some of Chicago's best deep dish pizza is only steps away from your stay!
04 Jan 2017
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Holiday Inn Chicago Mart Plaza

Some of Chicago's best deep dish pizza is only steps away from your stay!

It's a shame that New York is considered the pizza city.  Here in Chicago we bake a pie that's as worthy of the attention that the ones on the east coast get!  And luckily, when you stay here at Holiday Inn Chicago Mart Plaza, there are a number of great options to fill you up with some of the best deep dish pizza the city has to offer!  And plus, everyone is looking for something warm and filling during the cold winter months.  So strap on some extra layers and have some deep dish pizza quite literally just steps from your stay!


At Lou Malnati's Pizzeria it's all about family and history!  The founder, Lou Malnati, worked in the very first Chicago deep dish pizzeria and took what he learned there and opened his own pizza joint in the Chicago suburb of Lincolnwood.  And now the tradition of deep dish pizza follows him all over Chicago!  Here you'll find classic deep dish pizza served up with or without sausage and pepperoni plus a host of specialties!  Try the The Malnati Chicago Classic with sausage, extra cheese, and vine-ripened tomato sauce on Buttercrust!  And if you're looking for a great spot for lunch here you'll find some great specials! 



If you're looking for some deep dish pizza in a casual setting, you'll want to check out Pizzeria Ora!  Here you'll find the deliciousness of deep dish with artful preparation.  Here you can find both classic and specialty variations such as El Blanco with pesto, feta, garlic, mozzarella, and sliced tomato.  Or try The Taco with salsa, cheese, ground beef, and all the taco fixins' you'd expect!